Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ford Sponsored Studio Winter 2008

Interior Board

Le May show

Don Johnson showed up.....atleast thats what everybody called me...haha

checking the symetry

Late night on the Cintiq

Peter was there....

Media day!!!

almost done.....late nights

Ford Motor Company

Model T was a very influential vehicle and was even named car of the when starting this project we had big shoes to fill. The design brief was to design a new age Model T for 2030. Looking at the social impact, styling and the culture that emerged from it. My particular concept was based on the buying process and to tie the Assembly line to a who new experience. The customer would come to a Model T store, answer yes or no question to help them build their own vehicle, watch it manufactured and then drive it home that same day. This would give the customer of tomorrow custom-ability which normally passes the manufacture by and it would also give the consumer the feeling of their own creation.

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